October 20, 2017

When you are at your cottage, chances are you want to relax and enjoy the summer sun. That’s why we put a lot of effort into making the Dock Stool quick and easy to install. Putting up, moving, or taking down your Dock Stool is a simple and painless process. It takes about an hour, so grab yourself a nice cold drink, soak up the sun’s rays, and you will be ready to enjoy the best seat in the lake in no time. Install your Dock Stool with these few easy steps:

Step One - Bolt the top mounting bar to the vertical adjustment rail with two of the stainless-steel bolts provided. Only finger tighten the bolts - you will fully tighten them in a later step.

Step Two - Bolt the dock mount assembly to the vertical adjustment rail with one stainless-steel bolt and finger tighten. Position the dock mount assembly at the appropriate height to rest on the side of the dock structure the stool is being mounted on.

Step Three - Bolt the seat and foot rest onto the seat rail using the two flat-head stainless steel bolts and finger tighten. The foot rest should be bolted directly below the seat and can face either direction.

Step Four - Slide the seat and foot rest assembly onto the vertical adjustment rail.

You are more than half way done already!

Step Five - Install the seat stop bolt to the bottom of the vertical adjustment rail. This step is very important. If not installed correctly, the seat could slide off the bottom of the vertical adjustment rail…and when we say the seat has adjustable heights, we don’t intend the bottom of the lake to be one of them.

Step Six - Mount the two stainless steel clips to the dock, fourteen inches apart and one inch from the dock edge. Use minimum 5/16 diameter hardware (not provided…get your own!)

Step Seven - Mount the Dock Stool to the dock (seems like a logical step). Check that the dock mount assembly sits on the side of the dock. If needed, adjust up or down to ensure it is in the proper position. Now is the time we have all been waiting for… You can now fully tighten all fasteners!

Seat Adjustment – Control how wet you want to get in the water, or adjust you Dock Stool’s seat height to work for every member of your family. It’s easy! Just lift up on the seat and swing it out, move it to the desired hole, swing the seat back and push down again.

Your done! That wasn’t bad now was it? Sit down, cool off and enjoy the beauty of the lake on your newly installed Dock Stool. Having a good time? Don’t get too comfortable yet…it’s time to get started on installing another one! (Hey – creating your own swim up bar is worth it!)

Some of us are visual learners. If that’s you…check out our step by step video and you will have your Dock Stool installed in no time!

Click here for the video